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Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens have a critical role to play in the effective adoption of the key messages of Grow Me Instead. The establishment of the national Grow Me Instead website provides information on invasive plants and their non-invasive alternatives for all Australian states and territories. The main aim of Grow Me Instead is to facilitate cultural change amongst the industry and gardening public. The GMI guides and this website provide an excellent starting point by identifying a range of plants that are common in urban landscapes yet considered invasive. By providing a number of superior alternative plants we encourage people to think before selecting plants and to choose the non-invasive option.

Botanic Gardens are encouraged to promote a simple message; when selecting plants, there is always a non-invasive option. Let's embrace this fantastic opportunity to do the right thing by the environment and only promote the planting of non-invasive plants.

Industry members and the gardening public are encouraged to access the great wealth of information available at their local Botanic Gardens. Most have considerable local information on non-invasive Australian native plants that perform well in regional areas. Click on the link to find out more about your nearest botanic gardens



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