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The Alternatives

It has been very important to establish a set of consistent criteria which could be adhered to across all states and regions of Australia.

Not all of the alternatives would be suitable across the broad range of soils and climates of each state or region. Therefore, consideration of these differences and adaptation to your local area will be necessary.

For the information to be of benefit in helping you select 'good' garden plants, the website should be used as a guide to plant selection. In addition to the listed alternatives, there will be many other plant selections available to you at your local nursery or garden centre. Together with their help, expertise and guidance, you needn't have any fear that your garden will become an environmental hazard in the future.

Selection criteria for the alternative plants includes:

  • Must be recognised as non-invasive.
  • Must be readily available to the gardening public.
  • Must be reliable garden plants.

We have endeavoured to recommend at least one Australian native plant alternative for each of the invasive species listed.

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