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New South Wales Reference Group

Nursery & Garden Industry New South Wales and ACT (NGINA) would like to acknowledge the people who generously contributed their time, expertise and who provided a wealth of information to the state Grow Me Instead project. Special thanks go to those individuals who contributed photos for use in the Grow Me Instead guide and website.

NGINA – NSW Weeds and Grow Me Instead Committee

  • Mike Skegg, CEO NGINA
  • Michael Danelon, Nursery Industry Development Officer NGINA
  • Bob Wynyard, Business Skills Development Officer NGINA
  • Delwyn (Del) Thomas, Grow Me Instead project officer NGINA
  • Phil Murphy, Supervisor Natural Resources Parramatta City Council
  • Peter Gorham, Department of Primary Industries (DPI)
  • Mal Morgan, Glenfield Wholesale Nursery & NGINA representative to the Noxious Weeds Advisory committee (NWAC)
  • Elwyn Swane
  • Judith Rawling, Restoration Ecologist UBM Ecological Consultants

The Nursery & Garden Industry thank members for their support and expertise in the development of the state GMI resources, with special thanks to the following people who provided valuable information and photographs, Glenfield Wholesale Nursery, Paradise Plants, Sonter’s Fern Nurseries, Flemings Nursery, Ozbreed Pty Ltd, Immij, Sydney Wildflower Nursery West, Jamberoo Native Nursery, Yarralumla Nursery, Bywong Nursery and Ramm Botanicals. NGINA also acknowledges Lorna Rose, Brooker & Kleinig (c), Australian National Botanic Gardens’ (ANBG), Jackie Miles and Max Campbell for their information and generous use of their photographs.

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