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Red Trumpet Vine

Red Trumpet Vine
Photo: Norwood
Invasive Plant
Red Trumpet Vine
Campsis radicans

A vigorous climber grown for its spectacular orange red trumpet shaped flowers borne in late summer to autumn. This plant can grow up to 10m with the aid of support. This plant can be trained into a neat garden shrub but if left unchecked can cling to adjacent trees by way of small aerial rootlets; becoming a rampant pest.



  • The plant has small aerial roots and clings to almost anything. Small pieces of the plant will easily root in the warmer months so appropriate disposal of garden waste is important.
  • The plant must not be planted near environmentally sensitive areas as it will escape and invade adjacent natural systems.
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Other superior selections include;

  • Vitis vinifera - Ornamental Grape
  • Gelsemium sempervirens - Carolina Jessamine

Ask your local retailer for more superior selections


Alternative Plants

Bower of Beauty
Photo: immij floramedia
Alternative Plant Bower of Beauty
Pandorea jasminoides
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

Vigorous climber to spreading shrub with dark green glossy pinnate leaves. Flowers are borne in terminal clusters in the warmer months and are pink with a dark carmine throat. There are several cultivars including 'Lady Di' that has cream flowers.

Orange Trumpet Vine
Photo: immij floramedia
Alternative Plant Orange Trumpet Vine
Pyrostegia venusta
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

A vigorous twining vine with mid-green foliage, it can reach up to 10m in length. Whilst the foliage makes an effective screen it is most often grown for its spectacular covering of clusters of bright orange, slender, trumpet shaped flowers. This is a truly magnificent winter flowering creeper.

Wonga Wonga Vine
Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant Wonga Wonga Vine
Pandorea pandorana
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

Vigorous Australian native twining plant. Flowers are tubular and creamy-white with purple or brownish markings and appear in spring and summer. Several new cultivars have been developed including 'Snowbells' with pure white flowers and 'Golden Showers' with yellow-bronze flowers.

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