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Yellow Water Lily

Yellow Water Lily
Invasive Plant
Yellow Water Lily
Nymphaea mexicana

Underwater tuber-like rhizomes send out rounded leaves that float on the surface. This exotic and invasive Water Lily produces bright yellow flowers. The plant needs a constant supply of water and quickly chokes dams, ponds or other still or slow moving bodies of water.



  • New plants are produced at the end of stolons and can become detached and float away to establish elsewhere.
  • Plants are exchanged amongst friends and people who do not recognise the invasiveness of this species.
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Alternative Plants

Hybrid Water Lily
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Hybrid Water Lily
Nymphaea hybrids
Aquatic Plants

There is a wide array of hybrid Water lilies available providing many different flower colours. These hybrids are bred for their flower colour and size and many are not considered an invasive threat.

Native Water Lily
Photo: Blue Lotus Farm
Alternative Plant Native Water Lily
Nymphaea violacea
Aquatic Plants

A floating perennial herb growing from a rhizome in the mud at the base of ponds. Leaves are broadly egg-shaped to circular with a split at the base to the point of the stalk attachment. The flowers are borne on long stalks up to 30cm above the water surface. They come in a range of colours including violet, blue and white.

Wavy Marshwort
Photo: Glenfield wholesale nursery
Alternative Plant Wavy Marshwort
Nymphoides crenata
Aquatic Plants

Slight bronzed green waterlily like leaves with heavily crenated edges and purplish-brown speckles. This is a robust native water plant and has dainty fringed yellow flowers.

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