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Queensland Sub-Tropics

Queensland Sub-Tropics
Photo: Barry Naylor

The Queensland Sub-Tropics encompasses a large geographic area. For the purposes of Grow Me Instead, it begins at the NSW-Qld border, runs through the Gold Coast and Brisbane, inland to Ipswich, through the Sunshine Coast and north to Bundaberg. The region is typically warm throughout most of the year with relatively mild winters. Often subject to incredibly wet periods during summer it can also remain dry for extended periods; the area is home to an interesting and diverse flora. It is important to remember that an invasive plant in the neighbouring Dry Tropics may not be invasive in the Sub-Tropics and vice versa. Many of the invasive plants identified in this bioregion are also applicable to adjacent inland centres such as Mundubbera and Kingaroy. The information is useful throughout these inland regions however it would be prudent to seek sound local advice when making plant selection.

The Sub Tropics is home to many significant national parks and state forest areas. It is of paramount importance that sound plant advice is sought before planting adjacent to these sensitive areas. Consideration must be given to appropriate plant choice as birds and other animals can distribute seeds into nearby bushland and rainforest fringes causing destruction of natural habitat.

Qld Sub-Tropics Invasive Plants
Qld Sub-Tropics Alternative Plants
Qld Sub-Tropics Reference Group


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