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Photo: Sheldon Navie
Invasive Plant
Corymbia torelliana (formerly Eucalyptus torelliana)

This Australian native from the rainforest fringes of far north Queensland has become invasive outside its original range. Growing to a height of 30m in the wild but normally to 10m in cultivation, it has rounded foliage and a smooth green trunk with grey scaly bark at the base. Flowers in masses of scented cream balls held in terminal clusters.



  • A profusion of seeds are spread by wind from rounded woody capsules.
  • The large number of ornamental plantings has created a large 'seed bank' that enables this plant to invade natural bushland.
  • Seeds and gum are spread by native bees.
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Other superior selections include;

  • Eucalyptus curtisii - Plunkett Mallee
  • Corymbia tereticornis - Forest Red Gum
  • Flindersia schottiana - Silver Ash / Bumpy Ash

Ask your local retailer for more superior selections


Alternative Plants

Brush Box
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Brush Box
Lophostemon confertus
Trees and Shrubs

Tall tree that can reach 35m but is usually less in cultivation. It has shiny mid green foliage that provides a thick canopy. The trunk has smooth pinkish tan bark which peels to reveal greenish cream new bark. It is fast growing and makes an excellent shade or specimen tree.

Moreton Bay Ash
Photo: Sheldon Navie
Alternative Plant Moreton Bay Ash
Corymbia tessellaris (formerly Eucalyptus tessellaris )
Trees and Shrubs

Beautiful specimen tree growing to 25m in height. Smooth bark except for bottom portion which is cloaked in bumpy grey brown bark. Leaves are narrow and the tree has a pendulous habit. A truly graceful tree.

Queensland Maple
Photo: Norwood
Alternative Plant Queensland Maple
Flindersia brayleyana
Trees and Shrubs

Large rainforest tree growing to 30m in height. It has thick glossy green pinnate leaves that are up to 20cm long on young trees and a strong straight trunk. It makes an excellent street or specimen shade tree.

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